Why maxi dresses are the perfect wedding outfit

Published: 28th October 2011
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In 2006, no fashion lover would be caught dead with a hem that dropped below their knee. But in 2011, it seems that women everywhere are falling in love with longer lengths once more. This trend can largely be attributed to the popularity of the maxi dress, one of the biggest fashion success stories of the last few years. With its ankle-length hem, defined neckline and bright prints, the maxi dress has become the quintessential clothes icon of summer in the 21st century. But there's no need to confine a maxi dress to the beach or the park. Indeed, their mature design means that they're also a fantastic choice of outfit to wear to a wedding.
Maxi dresses make the perfect wedding outfits primarily because of their sophisticated appearance, which flatters a range of women's body shapes. However, the wide range of prints and patterns that maxi dresses are now available in also means that women of all personalities are able to find one to suit them. For example, if you're a fun individual who likes to wear bright colours and prints, choose a maxi dress with a bright flowery pattern to make a distinct impression at a day-time wedding. If you're looking for something a bit more subdued, or you're attending an evening reception, choose a dark block colour like purple or navy blue with a gathered waist or pleated skirt to add texture.
It's also important to pay attention to the material you choose for a maxi dress to wear at a wedding. Most summer maxi dresses are made from light cotton fabrics, which is perfect for ensuring that your body can breathe in the seasonal warmth. However, this might be considered a little informal for a wedding. Instead, choose a maxi dress made from silk, satin or a similar fabric. Heavier cotton-like materials are also appropriate.
Once you've taken your pick of the wide range of maxi dresses for weddings out there, you need to think about how to accessorise them. If you're wearing a patterned maxi dress, it's important not to overcomplicate your outfit. A string of simple bangles and a flower in your hair is usually sufficient. However, if you're wearing a block colour, pair your dress with a string of pearls and a sparkly fascinator to add some shine. A plain-coloured shawl is also a good idea to keep bare shoulders warm at an outside save the date cards, and a clutch bag is often the most appropriate type of purse to wear with a maxi dress.
Finally, consider what shoes will look best with your outfit. If you're of fairly short stature, heels are a must. Wedges are a recommended option for maxi dresses as it offers you lift without compromising your balance. However, if you're tall, flats or low heels will suffice since maxi dresses already have the effect of making bodies look longer.
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