How Do You Design a Photo Wedding Invitation?

Published: 25th July 2011
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More couples are considering putting their photos into the wedding invitation. In fact this can make the wedding invitation more unique and personalized. In the context of China, couples will take some pre-wedding photos with the wedding gown on and this can make the wedding invitation more meaningful if those photos are put on the invitation card.
No one will argue that your wedding invitation should reflect you and your fiance. In this case it will be perfect to use your photos as design elements in the wedding card. When you are choosing the photos for the wedding card, you should try to find a photo which can express the love of you and your fiance. At the end of the day wedding and marriage is all about love.
Sometimes a couple may ask for more than just putting their photos on the card. In fact this can be very interesting. As a wedding invitation designer, I sometimes will urge the couples to go further if it is appropriate. I will usually retouch the photos, or even combine a few photos, to create some new images. Of course these images are basically the photos of the couple. By retouching and combining the photos, we can make the wedding invitation even more meaningful. The invitation card can become a little story book which tells your guests about your love story. Below is an example of such designs.
There is a legend about a god called YueLao in China. In fact Yue means the moon and Lao means old people. In Chinese tradition, the moon is always used to describe couples. A full moon means a perfect couple and marriage. For this we can understanding that YueLao is all about a good marriage. YueLao will use a red string to tie a couple together. Even if the couple is far apart, they will get married eventually if they are tied by this red string.
This story of red string is in fact very romantic. A couple fell in love when they were young. They were separated because one family had to move to Australia and the other family had to move to Canada for some reasons. One day they met in Hong Kong again and they finally got married. This really matches the idea of red string. Two photos of the couple, one for the bride and one for the groom were taken. The two photos were combined. A red string was put on the newly form image to tie the couple together. By doing that the invitation somehow tells their story to the guests.
Of course the idea of red string and YueLao will not fit every couple. You should try to generate your own concept in order to design the wedding invitation. You can tell your story to your designer and he or she can certainly help you to design the invitation card. The key is to express yourself. If you are really going to do that, your wedding card will surely be a unique one.
Jerry Leung is a wedding invitation designer with great interest in Chinese Style Wedding cards. He designs Unique Personalized Wedding Invitation cards. Besides, he runs a blog on weddings to share his ideas on items such as Vintage Style Wedding Gown.

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